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You Belong to Me

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I started playing the ukulele because of this song. I googled all over for a satisfactory tab, but none of them seemed to be exactly right.

I pieced this tab together from the tabs I found and from watching a couple of videos on YouTube.

"Tonight You Belong to Me" as played by
Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters in "The Jerk".
Tab by Andrew Otto


While playing the bridge, he varies between Cm 
and Gmaj7 by sliding the Cm bar down one fret 
then back up.  When changing from G to E7, he does 
a fancy walk down with the G chord.  The last two 
down/up strums at the end of that measure slide down
to F# and then F before changing to E7.  It's
kinda tricky, and the song will sound fine
without it if it is too hard.

 G  G7sus  G7 Cmaj7 Am7 Cm/M7 Cm6   D   Cm  Gmaj7  E7   A7

G G7sus-G7 Cmaj7-Am7 Cm/M7-Cm6 G D G

Cm Cm Cm Cm G E7 A7 D

Verse 1:
I [G]know (I know)
You be[G7sus]long[G7] to [Cmaj]some[Am7]body [Cm/M7]new[Cm6],
But to[G]night you be[D]long to [G]me. [riff, see below]

Verse 2:
Al[G]though (although)
We're a[G7sus]part[G7], you're [Cmaj]part[Am7] of my [Cm/M7]heart[Cm6],
But to[G]night you be[D]long to [G]me. [riff, see below]

Way [Cm]down, by the stream
How [Cm]sweet it would seem,
Once [G]more just to dream in the [E7]moonlight, [A7]
[D]My honey

Verse 3:
I [G]know (I know)
With the [G7sus]dawn[G7] that [Cmaj]you[Am7] will be [Cm/M7]gone[Cm6],
And to[G]night you be[D]long to [G]me.

Just to little old me. 

Intro:    repeat 2x

Riff between verse 1 and verse 2:

Riff at end of verse 2:

Coronet Solo: